than just a simple tool. The knowledge is that of the culinary tradition of Salento, one which is poor yet at the same time, rich and refined by the vision and experience that Rosalba possesses. Her hands are the mouthpiece of a humble tradition which has been rendered dignified and noble.
Rosalba has been working on her book, which is a collection of her memories, over a long period of time. They are not just recollections of her early childhood, but a narrative which follows the flavours, the dishes and the traditions which are at the core of the culinary tradition of Salento.

The countryside is the perfect setting in which to grow to appreciate the richness of the agricultural culture. Rosalba’s childhood, divided between the comfort which she enjoyed at home and the simplicity with which the farming families around her lived, is a privileged view point from which one can learn from an insider about a rich culinary tradition.

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