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The success of Alle due corti Restaurant is due to Rosalba De Carlo's boundless pas
sion  for  the  traditio
nal Salentine cuisine. On November 2008, to  reflect  the  impor
tance of the local culi












ary tradition and culture, the University of Salento chose Rosalba as a Case Study in a conference with the Patronage of Italian UNESCO Commission and ISNART, National Institute for Tourism Research.
Among other things, the Festival of Philosophy in Magna Grecia followed and inclusion in the archive Promemorium in October 2013.

Since her childhood, always in contact with the rural world, she succeded in understanding and appreciating the soul of this culture by gastronomic art. Born from a noble family, she grew up in two places, one her father’s village of Copertino and the other her mother’s feudal estate in Santa Barbara. This estate belonged to the Barons Andriani De Vito From Corigliano d’Otranto.
In this way Rosalba was able to know not only the life of her noble mother, but thanks to her curious and open nature was able to know the life of the peasant families in their most authentic and genuine form.
Today, thanks to her restaurant, she has the possibility of sharing with her guests her own experiences and memories, that have been formed by the great sensations and tastes of the past.