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Rosalba’s cultural activities


With her expert hands, both in the kitchen and at the table, Rosalba passes on her knowledge of tradition through every encounter. Not simply a cooking course, but a marvellous journey through the ancient traditions of the food and wine of Salento.

Rosalba De Carlo

La Maestra

The Cooking Classes with Rosalba

The Course

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For many years now, Rosalba’s son has been her successor and custodian of the traditional knowhow passed on from his mother. He now works as the chef at Ristorante Alle due corti.

The successor

Giorgio Grassi

Rosalba has been at the centre of many cultural events focusing on the local cuisine. With a natural predisposition for these contexts which tap into her extensive knowledge, Rosalba often surprises with the simplicity with which she shares her memories and experience. She imparts her knowledge through these activities of daily life which are at the heart of tradition and a heritage which should never be lost.